TMC's Madan Mitra says 2 hours of his election time wasted due to ED questioning

Senior TMC leader Madan Mitra on Friday appeared before Enforcement Directorate (ED) officials in connection with the probe in the Saradha Scam case. "It's a routine thing. Enforcement Directorate is an authorised agency as per the Constitution and the legal side of the country. They called, I came. But 2-3 hours during election period is very costly, I tried my best to convince them that I'll come whenever they call me. Even you do not call me by summon, you call me on mobile only. In 2 hours we could have covered at least 2 blocks to get mandate of the people," Mitra said. "Whatever they wanted Pan card, Adhaar card, voter card, income tax returns, I tried to give them all sort of information , the mandate of the electorate is the protection of the democracy and the country. Just give me the time I will come on time. Every time I tried my best to co-operate with the investigation and this time also I am doing that," he added.