TMC MP has stooped to 'new low' of politics: Naidu

New Delhi [India], Jan 11 (ANI): Condemning Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Kalyan Banerjee for his remark on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday said that the former has stopped to new low of politics.

"Our opponent has stopped down to a low level, a new low in Indian politics. The politician must maintain decency and decorum. While criticizing their rivals, one has to be more careful. Comments by TMC leaders (about PM Modi) are shocking and speaks of their low-level politics," said Naidu.

Naidu further hoped that the TMC leadership would realise this mistake and rectify it.

He also took a jibe at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi's claim of getting 'ache din' in 2019 and said that the former will not even be able to come back to power in 2090.

"Forget 2019 Congress will not be able to come in power even in 2090, because the people has realized that the good day of the Congress party means scams, scandals, looting and cheating," he said.

Earlier in the day, Banerjee said the political discourse in the country has seen many lows, one does not know where to place this one.

"Modi's supporters call him a lion. But I say time is not far when Modi will have to return to his hole in Gujarat like a son of a rat," Banerjee said while he was protesting in front of the RBI regional headquarters in Kolkata. (ANI)