TMC MP Dola Sen creates ruckus, delays Air India flight by 30 minutes

Devyani Sultania
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Dola Sen, a Trinamool Congress MP in Rajya Sabha, delayed an Air India flight from Delhi to Kolkata by 30 minutes by refusing to abide by security protocols.

Sources in Air India confirmed the incident to International Business Times, India.

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Media reports said that the airline staff requested Sen to shift the seat of her mother, a senior citizen who was on a wheelchair, from the emergency exit. However, Sen refused to abide by and created a ruckus leading to a 30-minute delay in takeoff. As per rules, a citizen on a wheelchair cannot sit near the exit.

"There was no remark of wheel chair during booking, but when passengers boarded one (MP's mother) was on wheel chair. As per rules, cabin crew requested that wheel chair passenger can't travel on emergency exit. MP Dola Sen started screaming," Air India was quoted by ANI as saying.

A co-passenger told reporters that he didn't know about any "misbeheviour" but the point was that Sen "didn't cooperate" due to which the flight got delayed.

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