Opposition lashes out at EC for bias against Muslims

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee raised objection to elections for a seat that’ll now take place on 13th May. These deferred elections are being held to a seat where one of them passed away due to covid. Now, this new allotted date happens to be on the same day as Eid which is Banerjee’s major concern as also flagged by her to the EC who she accuses to have forgotten that occasion and being biased against Muslim voters. Meanwhile, the Lutyen lobby also throws a fit and BJP calls out craven appeasement when Mamata Banerjee questions the democracy of being about dharma. The EC had announced a by-poll on Eid day in 2 substantially Muslim dominated districts, Samsergang and Jangipur to which Bengal Imams Association, other Muslim bodies as well as CBIM and Congress in addition to TMS raised their concerns to this matter.