Title vs Streak – Why John Cena vs The Undertaker must happen at WrestleMania 30

Author : WWFOldSchool

Taker Vs Cena

I’m sorry if this John Cena / Undertaker argument is getting repetitive. Perhaps you’re a fan of repetitiveness and reboots. Perhaps you’re content with a potential (and no, there’s no rumour of this) Cena vs Rock 3. Perhaps you believe seeing Cena vs Orton 9,000 times isn’t enough – maybe you want 9,001.

We are heading into Wrestlemania 30, people. (What?) I said the number after 29. (What?) I said XXX. (What?) I said THIRTY. The time is now to give the fans a breath of fresh air. Leave the reboots to Hollywood.

The Streak is perhaps the most impressive feat in professional wrestling history. It is wrestling’s equivalence to DiMaggio’s 56 game hit streak. It is Wilt’s 100 point game mixed in with Cal Ripken Jr’s Ironman record. It is perhaps the single biggest reason to fork over 60 bucks to your local cable provider year after year.

John Cena is the man who someday soon will surpass Flair’s 16-time title reign. When it’s all said and done Cena’s title reign could reach the 20s. (I can somehow envision hundreds of eyes rolling right now). Those numbers are astronomical for a professional wrestler…err…”entertainer”.

John Cena – the “face” of this generation. The Undertaker – arguably the “face” of the past, present and future. Both men deserve to have statues erected on the grounds of the WWE headquarters one day (alongside Hogan, Flair and HBK, of course). Both men deserve to headline Wrestlemania 30.

My argument – don’t just make this match John Cena vs The Undertaker. Add some juice to it. Sprinkle a little “Holy SHIT” on it.

Have Cena capture the WWE Heavyweight title before Mania, have Taker surprise the p*^& out of us all while entering and winning the 2014 Royal Rumble, and set up the main event of all main events – The Title vs The Streak.

For the first time you will start to doubt if the streak will continue, as the Undertaker would face perhaps his gravest challenge in the form of Super Cena.

Fear engulfs the hearts of those 12-year-old Cena fans as they think to themselves, “There’s no way in hell that Cena can defeat the Deadman from Death Valley”.

Of course we will start reading those comments stating, “The Streak doesn’t need the title” and, “Undertaker won’t wrestle after Mania so what if he wins?”

Perhaps this is your mindset because you fear unpredictability. Perhaps you believe the streak doesn’t need the title because you crave repetitiveness. Maybe you fancy Taker vs Kane 3. How does Taker vs Snuka 2 sound?

The Streak – the reason half of us watch Mania. The main event – the reason why the other half watches. Why not mix the two together? The Undertaker deserves to headline one more time. The fans deserve freshness.

Streak vs Title. R.I.P to reboots.