Tired of Grammatical Errors and Typos? Google Introduces AI to Correct Mistakes in Gmail

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Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes will no longer go unnoticed in Gmail, at least for select users.

The artificial intelligence or AI-powered new spelling and grammar correction capabilities for Gmail are aimed at helping enterprise users “compose emails quickly with confidence,” Google said on Tuesday.

“As you type your message, Gmail will use artificial intelligence to make smarter spell-check suggestions while also detecting potential grammar issues,” it said, adding that an “as-you-type autocorrection” has also been added for “improved accuracy” for some common spelling mistakes.

“You’ll now see inline spelling and contextual grammar suggestions in your draft emails as you type. If you’ve made a grammar mistake, a squiggly blue line will appear under the phrase as you write it. You can choose to accept the suggestion by clicking it.”

The auto-correction will temporarily underline the change so that users “can easily identify and undo the correction” if they like. That means Gmail users will no longer have to click on dots menu in the lower right corner and choosing "check spelling" while writing an email.

The feature, which is available only in English for now, is powered by the same engine Google introduced for its Docs application in July 2018. Users can disable the feature, which will be initially be available only on G Suite, in Gmail settings.