Tips for sprucing up your home decor

Rashi Bhattacharyya
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Tips for sprucing up your home decor
Tips for sprucing up your home decor

27 Nov 2020: Tips for sprucing up your home decor

Umpteen hours inside the house due to the current situation is leading a lot of people to explore their creativity. The itch to liven up home decor is taking over.

It is a known fact that small changes in the house can clear the mind clutter.

Here are some tips that won't cost you a bomb while lending a fresh appeal to your abode.

Door: Paint your door a bright color for vibrancy

Your front door is your home's first impression. To make it look more appealing, paint the door a bright, glossy hue.

The color red is always a good choice. Not only is it attractive, but many cultures consider it to be lucky.

You can also opt for yellow or orange - the two colors associated with warmth and joy.

Entryway: Use pieces of art and chic furniture in your entryway

One of the most ignored portions of many houses is the entryway. In fact, this is often used for keeping shoes. But, with some creativity you can turn this space around.

For example, place a console table near the wall and hang some art work over it. If you don't have any art pieces, you can put family portraits against the wall.

Glassware: Use your glassware for decorative purposes

Every house has this one forbidden box of glassware that no one is allowed to touch as it is marked for 'special' occasions, which usually never occur.

Instead of letting those beautiful utensils gather dust, put them on display.

Place them on open kitchen shelves. If you have glassware of multiple colors, arrange them nicely to add some color to your kitchen.

Disguise: If you can't replace something, cover it up

Replacing expensive furniture and other home decor items that have faced the brunt of time is not an option for most homes due to budget constraints. How about you disguise them?

Cover a nasty stain on a light-colored carpet with a sofa chair or a neutral rug.

If you have a visible blot on your couch, cover the spot with some cozy throw pillows.

Rearrange: Move around furniture to freshen up your space

If your home decor seems boring, purchasing more aesthetic stuff is not the only way to make the house livelier. Simply rearranging your furniture is a great way to spruce things up.

All you have to do is find a new focal point in the room and move your furniture to complement it. You can also swap stuff between rooms.