Here are Some Tips to Design Your Dream Kitchen


Today's kitchen areas are transgressing from a place just for cooking meals and morphing into becoming the heart of any home. In many houses, a kitchen wears multiple hats - from family huddle to banter over coffee, from creating new recipes to cooking meals together - it's become a place for fun family activities.

Indeed, kitchen designs are on an upward trend and have started creating their own niche in the design sector. Designing a dream kitchen can be one of the most exciting, and expensive investment one can never make. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that the decisions undertaken are right for your space and taste.

Contemporary kitchens have been more about utilities due to space constraints. Modern day designs have eradicated the old age idea and have inculcated trends which make kitchens look larger than life. A growing trend in the kitchen space is personalization, where ideas and creativity goes beyond appliances and customary cabinets to incorporate a hoard of interesting design elements.

New colors, modular kitchens, monochromatic designs are few of the things people consider while refurbishing their homes. Sudeep Kolte, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Saint Gobain India Pvt Ltd, shares few tips to rejig your kitchen with a little pizzazz.

Where's the space?

An aspect nearly every kitchen faces issues with - storage! It is the most important element while considering renovation. By capitalizing every spare inch, restructuring areas that don't work and adding extra solutions where necessary, can turn a tiny room into an elegant space.

What's cooking in the kitchen?

A fresh coat of paint on the walls, an artistic wallpaper or pop colors will help go a long way to give a new lease of life to the kitchen. Contemporary cabinets were built using brick and cement, with evolving times, the use of gypsum-based dry walls are heavily opted and utilized in the market. Water resistant dry walls are the new trend which are economical, sustainable, recyclable and easy to install with lesser time consumed. Products like these make renovating look simpler and quicker.

Open shelves

Kitchen is considered the heart of the home, similarly are cabinets for the kitchens. Open shelves add zeal to the ambience of the overall space. Glass doors instead of closed doors enhance the look and design aspect. Installing flexible shelves using water resistant dry walls which can be used as a multi-purpose shelf is the modern age solution for smarter kitchens. A simple gypsum based board too can elevate the design rather than having heavy box cabinets.

Light up the room

Adequate lighting is inevitable for performing kitchen tasks. Lighting gives opportunity to be creative, with a blend of task lighting and ambient lighting it strikes the right balance of purpose and style. Ceiling lights have always been a decorative element in any space, hence false ceilings help create warm environment.

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