Tips to deal with sun glare while driving

Driving with sun glare
Driving with sun glare

Summer is here and that also means the sun’s glare would be hitting you right in the eyes when you are driving. So, needless to say, you need to be prepared. Read on for some helpful tips:

1. The basics first. These include cleaning your windscreen. A spotless windscreen is absolutely necessary and that includes cleaning it both inside and outside. A dirty screen will magnify the glare.

2. Check for cracks or chips on your windscreen- even if it’s a small crack, replace it .

3. Replace worn out wiper blades and make sure your washer bottle is topped up.

4. Keep a good quality screen wash handy to remove any dirt or bugs etc.

5. Always a keep a cloth handy to wipe away dirt accumulated on your drive- do not let dirt build up.

6. Use your sun visor. It may sound pretty obvious but a surprising number of people forget to use it.

7. Buy good quality polarised sunglasses to combat the glare plus there are also sunglasses built for driving.

8. If sun’s glare is coming down harshly- slow down and leave extra space between yourself and the driver ahead. This will minimise the reflection from the back of the vehicle ahead of you and give your eyes time to adjust.