Tinder finally unveils feature to block people on the app

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Tinder finally unveils feature to block people on the app
Tinder finally unveils feature to block people on the app

07 Jun 2021: Tinder finally unveils feature to block people on the app

With the growing availability of COVID-19 vaccinations, the popular dating app Tinder is anticipating a "post-pandemic uncuffing season" to follow. The platform has preemptively launched a new Block Contacts feature that helps you steer clear of unwanted matches. Interestingly, the feature doesn't require mandatory access to your contacts, although granting the permission makes blocking convenient. Here's how you can block people on Tinder.

Controlled experience: A whopping 40 percent of users encountered ex-partners on Tinder

While testing the feature in India, Korea, and Japan, Tinder observed that the feature was used to block 12 people on average. Probably because during another survey, the matchmaking platform discovered that 40 percent found an ex-partner on the app, 24 percent discovered a family member, and 10 percent even encountered their professor. These mismatches can be avoided using the new feature.

How to use: Tinder will only store contact details of those you block

To use the new feature, navigate to Settings under your profile icon, select Block Contacts, and grant the app permission to access your contacts (optional). Once you grant the permission, you can select people to block under the Contacts tab and tap Block Contacts. Tinder claims it will only store the contact details of those you block and not your entire contact list.

Alternative: You can also block contacts by manually entering phone numbers

If you value privacy and don't grant Tinder permission to access your contacts, the app lets you manually enter the details of those you wish to block. Additionally, you can block someone who isn't even on Tinder yet, using their phone number (assuming they eventually sign up on Tinder using the same phone number). Blocked contacts will not be notified that they've been blocked.

Better late than never: Feature finally gives users more controlled, safer experience than before

Once someone has been blocked, they won't show up in your searches or as possible matches for you, and vice versa. The new feature finally makes Tinder safer for people who'd rather avoid virtual encounters with abusive people, former partners, and the odd professor. However, be warned that blocking isn't foolproof. TechCrunch reported that people can sign up with a Google Voice number instead.

Seven year itch: Block Contacts feature could make cheaters harder to catch

The Block Contacts feature makes it easy for cheaters to obscure themselves from their (and their partner's) acquaintances on Tinder. Since Tinder uses geographic proximity to match people, and blocking someone prevents them from ever discovering the blocker's Tinder profile, a potential cheater could block all contacts shared with their partners to prevent them from being alerted to their cheating ways.

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