Timur the goat, who was a tiger's best friend, passed away and the internet is overcome with grief

The internet is in mourning over a goat. To be more specific, the internet is commiserating with the demise of Timur, a Russian goat that befriended a tiger.

Timur was brought to a safari park outside the Pacific port of Vladivostok in Russia as live prey for Amur, a Siberian tiger in 2015. The goat did not show any fear and the tiger left it alone. Rather than a hearty meal, the two soon became inseparable friends.

They would sleep in the same enclosure and ate and played together. They also attempted to teach the other their way of life. Amur attempted to teach his friend how to catch prey and they would often head-butt and chase each other.

Unfortunately, over time, the goat grew audacious, challenging the big cat. After he hassled the tiger for over a month, Timur found himself tossed off a hillock after stepping on his pal.

They were separated, but Timur’s health deteriorated. Despite being sent to Moscow for treatment he never fully recovered.

The park owners now plan to erect a bronze monument on Timur’s grave.

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