TIMS ready to serve COVID-19 positive patients at Hyderabad: Eatala Rajender

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], June 25 (ANI): State Health Minister Eatala Rajender on Wednesday said that the Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS) is ready to serve COVID-19 patients at Hyderabad as it is equipped with all the latest technologies.

Rajender said, "TIMS Gachibowli is ready with all the latest technologies. TIMS is making doctors available in the same manner as Chandigarh's PG college has done. There are 1,224 beds available in TIMS whereas 1,000 beds have oxygen facility and 50 have ventilator facilities. 15 floors are ready. In two days, we are recruiting staff."

"In a very short time, we have done so much development in the health sector. We are gaining public trust by providing treatment to thousands of people. It is unfair to insult the people who are staying with coronavirus patients and treating them. People with no responsibility are spreading rumours. The public should not believe it," he added.

The minister said that only the people having COVID-19 symptoms should only go for tests.

"We have the capacity of treating how many patients are available. Do not spend your money by going to private hospitals," he said.

"If your neighbour is affected with coronavirus, do not panic. It will not spread to you. Irresponsible people are creating confusion. I request media to build strength amongst the public. We have reached the capacity of testing 6,600 people. Including private diagnostics, we have reached the level of testing 10,000 people per day. The death rate due to coronavirus is reducing," he further said. (ANI)