Is That Timothée Chalamet? Makeup Artist Charlotte Roberts’ Transformation Into American Actor Is Making Us Say WHAAAT? Watch Viral TikTok Video

Team Latestly

OMG! You will need to pause for long, before believing the transformation is real. Is that Timothée Chalamet? Sincere thanks to TikTok user and makeup artist, Charlotte Roberts, whose art and skill transforming her into the American actor is making us go WHAAAT. Her transformation into the Beautiful Boy actor is too real to trust. With accurate contouring and shading, the TikTok user will make you believe that anyone and everyone can look like Chalamet. The 16-year-old makeup artist scrolls through the photos of the actor, then surprise us by transforming into him in the video. The viral makeup tutorial clip has gone insanely viral on social media. Bizarre TikTok Video of a POTATO Getting a Makeover Goes Viral on the Internet. 

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So, there are two videos which are making rounds on the internet. The first being the one, where Charlotte, after scrolling a few pictures of the Hollywood actor, just transforms into him. To make her viewers understand the process of how she turned into the actor, the makeup artist uploads another video on TikTok. After the #10yearchallenge, TikTok Gets Nostalgic With the Viral #OyeOye Challenge That Is Making Indians Dance Their Hearts Out. 

Is That Timothée Chalamet?

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@charlottelooksjust call me timothée... ♬ original sound - robbieroket

The creator transforms her face step-by-step until she is channelling the chiselled cheekbones, artfully bushy brows and carefully curated floppy hair of Laurie himself. The attention to detail deserves applauds. She even includes some seafoam green contact lenses to finish off the look.

Look at the Transformation!

@charlottelooksmy fyp has been a constant stream of timothée so i thought i would join in 😋🤚 ♬ Roddy Ricch The Box but its GROOVY - llusionmusic

People online are going crazy, and so are we. Chalamet has not yet commented on the viral makeup tutorial video. We don’t know, if he has seen the video. But die-heartedly wait for his reaction. One thing is certain; we are never going to look at Chalamet the same way anymore!