It's time to bring change. It's time to light the spark.

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It's time for the Youth Innovators of India to step up, with Volvo Cars' #BreatheFree Initiative.

Do you know what happens when ordinary people with a great vision, have the gumption to go and do extraordinary things? Things change. They go on and make a difference. We see something we've not seen before. And in today's world, God knows we need someone who can make a difference.

That is exactly what Volvo Cars are trying to achieve with #BreatheFree, an initiative that was born with an aim to combat the rising air pollution. Earlier last year, we tried to take measures to protect the future of the nation; the kids. This time around, we are enabling them.

We are looking for Youth Innovators, kids from 8-17 years who have a vision, an idea, a prototype that can create the wave of change we all need right now. Are you one of them? A Rs. 1 Lakh scholarship waits for you.

Watch the video for more:

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