Tim Tebow shocked at attention from shirtless run in rain


New York, July 30 (ANI): Tim Tebow is surprised over how much was made of his shirtless run through the rain on Saturday. "I truly didn't think it was going to be such a big deal," the New York Post quoted him as saying after Sunday's practice. The 24-year-old New York Jets player ran off the practice field in a driving rainstorm Saturday, and the moment was captured by photographers and had gone viral on the Internet minutes later. The American Football quaterback poked fun at himself at the quarterbacks meeting on Saturday night. "When we walked into the quarterbacks meeting room, we told Tim, 'We're just glad you kept your shirt on for the meeting'," third-string quarterback Greg McElroy said. "Sure enough, there it came off, and he sat shirtless for about 30 minutes," he said. Apart from his fellow quarterbacks even linebacker Bart Scott ridiculed him for his antics. "Oh yeah ... the slow motion run," Scott said. "Like I told him, I've never seen anybody decide to take their shirt off in the rain. Usually I put stuff on. "But then maybe it was holy water, I don't know," he added. (ANI)