Tim Cook's Photo with the New iPad Has Started a Photoshop Battle on Twitter

Tim Cook posted a photo of him holding a new iPad mini and a stylus with the screen saying 'hello'. To this, the Internet had some hilarious responses.

Tim Apple err... Tim Cook has been in the news lately, and not only for his company Apple's latest tech developments.

After Donald Trump called him 'Tim Apple,' the Internet has not let the current CEO of Apple forget it.

Recently, he shared recently shared a photo of himself writing the word "hello" on an iPad Mini with an Apple Pencil after the new iPads were released. The share comes at the same time as an announcement that the new 7.9" iPad Mini will support input from the first generation Apple Pencil on its Retina display.

And that 'hello' is all it took for Twitter to reply. With memes.

Will Tim Cook ever live down being called 'Tim Apple' and playing along with it? The Internet always remembers. In other news, The iPad Mini prices start at Rs 34,900 while the iPad Air will be priced upwards of Rs 44,900.