Tiktoker Reveals Simple Bathroom Cleaning Hack To Make Your Life Easy

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If you are someone who just loves to surf the Internet looking for hacks and ideas to make daily household tasks easily, you might just want to try this bathroom cleaning hack. Shared by TikTok’s ‘queen of cleaning’, Vanesa Amraro, the hack reveals an easy but effective way to keep your shower area clean without much daily effort. Sharing the hack in the TikTok video, Vanessa termed it as her favourite hack and said that if her followers had to pick only one of her tips, it had to be this one.

As reported by the Mirror, all you need for this hack is liquid, white vinegar and the right type of brush. The brush suggested by Vanesa comes with an installed soap dispenser. You need to fill the soap dispenser of the brush with soap mixed with white vinegar and keep it in the shower area. Now, once a week, when you are putting on the hair mask or conditioner and keeping it for rest, take the brush and lightly rub your shower area before cleaning it with water. This will free you from the dedicated time required to clean your shower area often.

Since being shared online, the video has been getting positive responses from users who have been commenting about the effectiveness of this simple hack.

Vanesa often keeps sharing simple cleaning ideas with her followers on TikTok. In one of her videos, the TikToker showed an easy way to clean faucets that have hard stains. The video starts with Vanesa filling a Ziploc bag partway with white vinegar. Then, she immerses the faucet in vinegar and ties the bag to it using a rubber band, leaving it for some time. The results show a clean faucet at the end of the video. A soak for just 10 to 20 minutes will loosen the build-up grime and stains on the faucet.

In another tip, Vanesa suggested using dishwasher soap to clean the stains on kitchen walls.

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