Tiger29: The Leading Midwestern SEO Company

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Now that the SEO industry is some 30 years old, the SEO profession and industry are much better equipped with precision tools to provide genuine, authentic results and higher success rates than ever for their clients. Among companies that offer this powerful way of garnering organic and inbound leads and general brand awareness, there is one that excels in “optimized SEO.” Tiger29, a Sioux Falls, South Dakota company, stands out from the ranks of its competitors thanks to its personalized and customized deliverables.

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In a nutshell, here is what makes Tiger29 so authentic, and unique. SEO is a complex and broad industry, the typical SEO method is based around adding keywords and website traps to get picked up by other search engines - the “copy and paste” method. By contrast, Tiger29 uses a more customized approach by utilizing their process - setup, measure, report, modify to build authority, relevance and trust in the eyes of the Google ranking algorithm.

"Rankings are important. But that's just the start. An organic campaign must generate traffic. Most importantly, it must generate high value actions - phone calls, contact form inquiries, and appointments that actually drive revenue." - Pete Kleinjan (Founder/CEO).

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Recently Tiger29, has made leaps and bounds in emphasizing the opportunity for interior designers to hop in on the SEO action to optimize their inbound calls, directions, clicks and purchases. Interior designers have thrived on social media and as a result have all of the footprints laid out on the web already done for them, that’s where Tiger29 comes in. Tiger29 helps those focus on their online footprint while utilizing what they have in place and implementing their own customized strategies to take inbound traffic from their website to the next level.

The company provides SEO services for both local brick and mortar businesses and corporate level companies. In it’s 11 years, Tiger29 has provided over 110+ clients and businesses with SEO that converts. "Businesses and homeowners are searching online for an interior designer in their local area. When your interior design firm shows up on Google search, you land new clients." explains Pete Kleinjan. Most SEO companies utilize third-party work and services while Tiger29 uses their in-house team, strategy and process, which makes the company truly standout and its SEO work the most precise, reliable, and actionable in the industry.

Tiger29’s breadwinner is its T29 Interior Design sector. Some years ago Interior Designers struggled to get the right SEO for their website and as a result left money on the table when it came to inbound traffic, but in today’s fast-paced world, SEO has increased in popularity and Tiger29 has been leading the charge. By providing invaluable and measurable guidance to a more inbound way of marketing based on each client’s individual, unique set of needs, Tiger29 leads the way in the field of state-of-the-art SEO optimization and marketing.