Tiger Woods undergoes yet another back surgery: List of injuries golf legend had in his career

Sayantan Maitra
tiger woods, golf

If getting up and never backing down defines a sport athlete's determination, golf legend Tiger Woods surely fits the list of one of the greatest athletes ever. The 41-year-old golfer on Thursday, April 20, had yet another back surgery in his career and it was successful.

Believe it or not, this was Woods' third back surgery in the last 19 months.

The former World No. 1 announced that he will be out of action for at least six months, but despite all odds, the 14-time golfing major champion has no intention of retiring any time soon. Woods' last appearance was at the Dubai Desert Classic in February; he also missed the Masters 2017 tournament.

"The surgery went well, and I'm optimistic this will relieve my back spasms and pain," Woods said in a statement on his website. "When healed, I look forward to getting back to a normal life, playing with my kids, competing in professional golf and living without the pain I have been battling so long.

tiger woods, golf

"I would like to thank all the fans for staying in touch and their kind wishes," Woods added. "The support I have received has never waned, and it really helps."

The statement mentioned that the previous surgeries on his back made the golfer's bottom lower-back disc severely narrowed, causing sciatica and severe back and leg pain. Conservative therapy, which included rehabilitation, medications, limiting activities and injections, failed as a permanent solution, and Woods opted to have the surgery.

This time around, the surgery was conducted by Dr Richard Guyer of the Center for Disc Replacement at the Texas Back Institute.

List of injuries Woods had in his career so far

(Inputs from CNN)

Month and year Injury to
December 1994 Left knee
December 2002 Left knee
August 2007 Left knee
April 2008 Left knee
May 2008 Left tibia
June 2008 Left knee
November 2009 Lips
May 2010 Neck
April 2011 Left Achilles Tendon
May 2011 Left Achilles Tendon
March 2012 Left Achilles Tendon
June 2013 Left Elbow
August 2013 Lower Back
March 2 2014 Lower Back
March 19 2014 Lower Back
March 31 2014 Lower Back
August 2014 Lower Back
February 2015 Lower Back
September 2015 Lower Back
October 2015 Lower Back
February 2017 Lower Back

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