Tiger Woods was shot with rubber bullet in leg during SEAL exercise


London, Mar 28 (ANI): Tiger Woods, who was obsessed with the Navy SEALs and did "Kill House" exercises like the elite squad would, is said to have taken one rubber bullet to his leg during the workout. The 36-year-old professional golfer, who secretly yearned to join the military, was running around shooting targets in the mock urban combat zone when he was caught by a round. "I screwed up. In a real mission I probably would have gotten some of my squad killed," the Daily Mail quoted Woods as telling his former swing coach Hank Haney. Haney claims that the incident showed the depth of Woods' obsession with becoming a Navy SEAL to copy his father Earl who was a green beret who served two Army tours in Vietnam. In his memoir Haney delivers a withering judgement on the 15-times PGA tour winner as "emotionally arid", and claims that he "never thought of him as happy". He even compared his plight to that of Michael Jackson and said that became so obsessed with bodybuilding that he sent him a panicked email begging him to stop. The book, called 'The Big Miss', details how Woods was secretly going on Navy SEAL training courses at the height of his fame when he was bringing in 100-million-dollar a year and had become the most famous athlete on Earth. A "Kill House" is a specially constructed building with reinforced wood walls thick enough to stop bullets, which recruits have to "clear" by moving through them and shooting enemies, which are usually pop up figures. The structure features in the military computer game series "Call of Duty" and is used by Navy SEALs as part of their training. "Tiger told me he actually got shot with a rubber bullet in a Kill House exercise," Haney wrote. "He said he failed to look around a corner before moving into an open area and was shot in the thigh. "'I screwed up,' he said. 'In a real mission I probably would have gotten some of my squad killed'. "Then he proudly showed me a bruise the size of a baseball. I said: 'That had to really hurt'. He answered with a smile: 'It still hurts'," he added. (ANI)