Tiger Woods drops f-bomb, channels vintage self when talking about intimidating opponents

Tiger Woods’ golf game isn’t what is used to be, but he apparently hasn’t lost a step when it comes to trash talk. (AP)

Tiger Woods’ golf game may not be what it used to be.

But his trash-talk game appears to be up to par.

Candid Tiger Woods shows up at VIP event

Tiger Woods was speaking in May at his annual Tiger Jam — a VIP Las Vegas experience to raise money for the Tiger Woods Foundation — when a guest recorded his approach to the competition on the golf course.

“I can’t control you,” Woods said. “The only thing I can control is me. Now if I do this more efficiently than you, if you get intimidated, that’s your own (expletive) issue.”

Can Woods flash intimidating self at Open Championship?

That is some vintage, circa-2004 perspective from Woods. While today’s younger generation of professional golfers have not experienced the mental game of playing in prime Woods’ group on a Sunday, he made a living of crushing minds and souls en route to winning 14 major championships from 1997-2008.

Woods has shown flashes of his competitive self in recent tournaments, but hasn’t put together enough consecutive rounds to give today’s top golfers a glimpse of intimidating Woods.

It would be cool to see him do it this week at Carnoustie.

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