'Tickling The Funny Bones': These Halloween Decorations Inspired by Pandemic Are 'Spooking' Good

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Celebrating Halloween in 2020 comes with its own creativity as many posts on social media suggest. From decorations based on It’s Fine memes to maintaining social distance while distributing candies among children, the pandemic year has definitely taken over Halloween celebrations.

A recent take on Halloween decoration has been inspired from Zoom meetings which have become quite the norm this year. The reddit post shows a skeleton sitting on a chair and attending a zoom meeting with four other skeletons. Posted on subreddit funny, this spooky take on zoom meetings has emerged as the most relatable Halloween decoration. Check it out here.

With over 106k upvotes, many netizens have dubbed this take on virtual meeting as, “doom meeting” or “Microsoft Screams”. The post also prompted hilarious word play as some users commented, “This tickles my funny bones”, “You could say it is very, Humerus”, and “That’s barebones pun right there.”

The post also reminded some users of the eight-month long work from home routine that the pandemic has induced. As one user commented, “Someone’s been working from home too long.”

Another Halloween decoration from the United States that won the internet was based on It’s Fine meme.

The “This is Fine” meme is taken from a comic strip of a dog trying to assure himself that everything is fine, despite sitting in a room that is on fire. It was illustrated by K.C. Green and published in early January 2013. The meme is usually used as a reaction image to express self-denial or acceptance in the face of a hopeless situation.

The American house put up a "This is fine" sign over one of the windows. In the daytime, only the "This is fine" flames are visible through the window, but at night, a cut-out of the hat-wearing dog nervously sitting on a chair is placed in the middle of them, and the whole display is illuminated.

The tweet has received overwhelming reaction form netizens, who praise Taylor’s neighbour for their impeccable Halloween theme. As one user commented, “This is awesome.” The images have even inspired other Halloween enthusiasts, as one user said, “I need to do something like this.” Another user said, “Do you mind asking them if I can use this idea?”