Tibetans-in-exile mark New Year by offering prayers in Dharamsala

Dharamsala, Mar 4. (ANI): Tibetans in-exile in Dharamsala celebrated 'Losar', the Tibetan New Year on Sunday, and pledged to uphold the cultural ethos and traditional values of humility, integrity and resilience.

Tibetan monks were seen playing musical instruments and praying to mark the New Year.

Penpa Tsering, speaker of Tibetan Parliament in exile, extended best wishes to everyone on the occasion.

"Today is the first day of Tibetan New Year. As usual we invoke all the protecting deities particularly Palden Lhamo who is the official protecting deity of the Tibetan government earlier, now central Tibetan administration. So I wish everybody a happy new year," said Tsering.

'Losar' is marked with ancient ceremonies that represent the struggle between good and evil. The occasion is marked by chanting hymns and passing fire torches through the crowds.

A foreign tourist, Maya, offered prayers and said they were ushering in the year of wood horse.

"Today is the prayer for Losar, so it's the Tibetan New Year. They are ushering in the year of wood horse and the year of the snake has been ushered out," said Maya.

People enjoy levity provided by events such as dance of the deer and amusing battles between the King and his various ministers. (ANI)

(In our release on March 2 we had wrongly mentioned the name of the speaker to be Tsering Wangchuk and the protecting deity as Dorje Shugden) (ANI)