Throwback: When Preity Zinta Revealed Who Is The Arrogant One Between Aishwarya, Kareena And Rani!

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Preity Zinta had earlier talked about the Bollywood actresses revealing who is arrogant and who is her best friend.

In this glamour industry, we hardly see two women getting along well. Sometimes it’s the work and some other time it is their person lives which causes a rift between the B-town beauties. For instance, the actress Preity Zinta had once clearly admitted having problems with Kareena.

In an earlier interview to DNA, the actress had said, “They can never be my best friends, but they can be friends. When Kareena Kapoor (Khan) first came onto the scene I had problems with her, and I told her, but I don’t have a problem with her now.”

She also talked about her equation with Rani Mukerji saying, “Rani and me are good friends, but she is not my best friend and neither am I hers. When we did films together, people wrote too much about our friendship and hyped it up. We are in touch.”

When it came to choosing her favourite, Preity had her mind clear as she said, “Out of Kareena, Rani and Aishwarya, Aishwarya’s my favourite, because I did a world tour with her and enjoyed working with her. Also, I’ve worked with her for years, and we have a good equation, whether my film’s a hit or flop, or whether hers becomes a hit or flop, nothing changes”

Hinting that the other actresses are arrogant, Preity revealed that it is Aish whose attitude has never changer. “Some people, when their film becomes a hit, they become too arrogant to speak and when their film flops, they’re full of love. Aishwarya Rai hasn’t changed from the day I met her,” said Preity.

Well, now we know who is the arrogant one and who is the sweet one according to Preity Zinta!

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