Thrissur Pooram Festival 2017: Kerala Government gives a nod to conduct the traditional fireworks but with some conditions; Know rules !

Zainab Mulla
The devotees can now enjoy the festival with zeal and vigour.

The central government of Kerala has finally given permission to conduct the traditional fireworks on the occasion of Thrissur Pooram. But this order comes with certain conditions, yes you read that right. The department has given the go-ahead signal for all the devotees to celebrate the auspicious festival with fireworks. The committee was constituted and framed along with guidelines after the unfortunate Puttingal temple fire tragedy which took place in April last year. A major fire occurred in the Kollam district temple which killing more than 108 people and leaving others injured. A PIL was filed in Kerala High court on the usage of explosives during temple festivals, after this terrifying incident. The High Court laid a limited authority for the Thrissur Pooram festival and directed the Devaswom board to follow the SC verdict of fireworks which was passed in 2007.

Agriculture Minister Sunil Kumar was quoted by India today saying, “Whatever the government can do to carry out the fireworks we have done it 100 per cent. All guidelines and security are being obeyed and followed by the state government”.

The Kerala’s Central Explosives Department has permitted to use crackers including palm leaf crackers, Gundu – Shell 6.8 diameters, Kuzhiminnal – 4 inch, amittu – 6 inch  – shell-15 cm diameter according to the India today reports. The Kuzhiminnal of more than 8″ or 10″ will not be allowed for the event. The department allowed the temple management to use low decibel crackers including olappadakkam, amittu and kuzhiminnal.

The explosives department laid yet another condition which states that the devotees or tourist are not allowed to use unauthorised chemicals in addition to the compounds that are shown in the test report for the fireworks. The department is all set with the precautionary safety measures, and fire hydrants have been installed to avoid any unfortunate incidents. The Paramekkavu Kodiyettam was held on 29th April 2017 without much fervour as people were upset with the denial of permission for the fireworks and protested after the flag hoisting ceremony. The Thrissur Pooram festival will take place tomorrow, 5th May 2017 with its colourful fireworks display and decorative elephants thanks to the court’s positive decision. The devotees can now enjoy the festival with zeal and vigour.