Three servings of milk per day can protect bones from breaking

London, Feb 4 (ANI): Three servings of milk or yoghurt a day can make bones stronger, according to a new study led by an Indian-origin researcher.

US-based academics found middle-aged people who ate at least three servings a day had higher bone mineral density, resulting in bones that were less likely to break, the Telegraph reported.

However, they found that no such positive effect from eating cream or ice-cream.

Dr Shivana Sahni, of the Hebrew SeniorLife Institute of Ageing Research, which is affiliated with Harvard University, said: "Dairy foods provide several important nutrients that are beneficial for bone health."

"However, cream and its products such as ice cream have lower levels of these nutrients and have higher levels of fat and sugar," he said.

The team based their findings on a food frequency survey completed by 3,212 participants from the Framingham Offspring Study, named after a town in Massachusetts.

They said choosing low-fat milk or yoghurt over cream can increase intake of protein, calcium and vitamin D while limiting intake of saturated fats. (ANI)