Three Elderly Women Allegedly Given Anti-rabies Shots Instead of Covid-19 Vaccine in UP's Shamli

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In a shocking incident, three elderly women in Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli district were given the rabies vaccine instead of the coronavirus vaccine. The incident came to light after one of the women fell ill following the vaccine. The incident occurred in Kandhala Community Health Center on Thursday.

According to reports, three women, 70-year-old Saroj, 72-year-old Anarkali and 60-year-old women arrived at a community health centre in Shamli to get their first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. The women alleged that as soon as they arrived, officials made them purchase syringes worth Rs 10 each and administered rabies shots instead of giving them the coronavirus vaccine.

The oversight was discovered later when one of the women, Saroj, started feeling dizzy and anxious. When her symptoms did not subside, her family members took her to a private clinic where the doctor confirmed that the women had indeed got a rabies shot and not the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Following outrage by the woman’s family, the incident has been pegged on irresponsibility on the part of the medical officer who administered the vaccine.

“A case of Kandhla CHC has come to light, in which assistant CMO and CMO have been appointed to look into the incident. They will take the statement of the complainant, which includes the patients and their families,” The DM Jasjit Singh was quoted by Zee News. The DM further promised strict action against the perpetrators.

The report also noted that the health officials who had administered the rabies doses did not know the difference between them and Covid-19 shots.

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