Thousands Throng Mathura Temple for Laddu Maar Holi Flouting Covid-19 Guidelines

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Amid rising cases of coronavirus in the country, a crowd of thousands of people was seen at the Shri Radha Rani temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura to celebrate ‘Laddu maar Holi’, throwing the Covid-19 guidelines to air. A video of the event was shared on Internet where many devotees thronged the temple in Mathura’s Barsana as the caught laddus apparently thrown by the temple’s workers from the temple complex. Men, women and even children were seen jumping to catch the laddus being thrown in their direction as they also threw the sweets at each other. People were seen in the temple premises in huge numbers, with most of them not wearing masks and social distancing norms being flouted.

The ‘laddu maar’ holi is special to Mathura’s Brasana and is celebrated a day before the ‘lath maar’ holi which is celebrated with sticks and colour. In lath maar holi, women hit men with sticks while they try to safe themselves.

“About corona, I can tell you that there is no corona here,” a devotee was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

Meanwhile, several states, including Uttar Pradesh, have issued guidelines for Holi in view of rising coronavirus cases. UP government has made it mandatory for people seek permission for gathering of more than 10 people and people above the age of 60, below 10 and people with comorbidities have been advised to avoid the gatherings.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has also cautioned to remain alert and cautious, and suggested them to avoid congregating in large numbers or celebrating Holi publicly. Kumar said this while participating via video conferencing at 109th “Bihar Diwas” programme being organised at Gyan Bhawan here in the state capital. “I have already held meeting with DMs and SPs where everything was discussed in detail. It is Holi festival time. The officials need to urge the people with folded hands not to publicly celebrate the festival, Kumar said.