Thousands join 'Occupy Tundikhel' campaign to protect Nepal's biggest parade square

Social movement "Occupy Tundikhel" has been launched in Nepal to protect one of the largest parade squares of South Asia. The movement was announced in Kathmandu and a human chain was formed around the open space of Tundikhel to draw attention to the issue and raise awareness amongst people. Activists and people who formed the human chain to preserve Tundikhel, one of the last surviving open spaces in the heart of Kathmandu, carried placards and banners asking the government to preserve the area which is now shrinking. Tundikhel, which also covers the Army Pavilion, dates back to at least the early 18th Century during the Malla period. It then served as a military parade ground, horse race track, spot for religious festivals, as well as a public park and grazing ground. In the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake, thousands of people took shelter in the open space of the square for a long time. Analysts claim that the movement is a step to preserve history, as it was once the largest parade ground of South Asia.