Thor: Ragnarok's first-look shows Thor hammerless; does this confirm the famous fan theory?

Dishya Sharma

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Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, fans now have new stills and a few spoilers from the most-anticipated Marvel movie of the year, Thor: Ragnarok. The third sequel from the Thor series is crucial to Marvel as the movie not only adds to Thor cinematic mythology, but also builds up to the Avengers: Infinity War. The first-look previews Chris Hemsworth in a new look, Cate Blanchett's Goddess of Death Hela and Westworld's Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie.

The first-look released by the magazine shows Hemsworth's Thor in short hair and swords in his hand. His armour looks completely different as well. Not only in the first-look, Thor is seen without his hammer Mjolnir in all the images provided by EW. Does this confirm that the God of Thunder is going to lose his hammer and it will stolen by Thanos?

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International Business Times, India had reported a few weeks ago about a reddit user's theory. The theory took forward the famous Thanos theory a step ahead by explaining that the H in Thanos could possibly indicate that it stands for Thor's Hammer.

"Ever noticed how Mjolnir behaves like it has a life of its own? How it judges the purity of people's souls, determining who is pure enough to lift it? What if the soul stone is in Mjolnir, which is a HAMMER, and thus completes the word THANOS in the eponymous theory?" the user stated.

"We now know that Thor may be getting a new weapon in Avengers: Infinity War. What if it is because Mjolnir has to be destroyed in order for the soul stone to be retrieved?" the user added.

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The new stills sort of confirm the theory. None of the new stills released by EW feature his hammer. If this is indeed confirmed, does Thor lose the weapon to Hela and it eventually reaches Thanos? The details about that can only be confirmed by Marvel.

While the production house has a tight-lip on the project, they did give fans a few details about the movie's villain, Hela, and a few other cast members. It has been confirmed that Hela is 'accidentally unleashed' from her prison.

"She's been locked away for millennia getting more and more cross, and then, with a mistake, she gets unleashed and she ain't getting back in that box," actress Cate Blanchett explains. The website also reveals that she is responsible for sending Thor to Sakaar.

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"[Sakaar is] basically where every wormhole across the universe dumps out its trash, so you get people from all walks of life with all sorts of incredible abilities and powers," Chris Hemsworth says of Thor's arrival on the gladiatorial planet ruled over by The Grandmaster where The Hulk has become known as Sakaar's top fighter.

"No one cares what prince or king Thor may have been in another world. Also, his strength is pretty easily matched with those he finds himself amongst," he added.

Thor: Ragnarok hits the theatres on November 3, right before Justice League's release.

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