This #MeToo accused actor dated two stunning actresses in the 1990s

This veteran actor was known for explosively intense roles in the 1990s and many of his movies centered on socio-political issues. Although not conventionally good-looking, his acting prowess and resultant success attracted many leading ladies of the time to him.

Despite the fact that he was already married, he is said to have indulged in affairs with two gorgeous heroines simultaneously. One of the ladies was a powerhouse performer, while the other one was smarting from a break-up with a young action star of that era. So enamoured was this actor of the powerhouse performer that he was on the verge of abandoning his wife. But things turned sour between them soon after.

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Years later, this intense actor was accused of #MeToo and subsequently axed from many movies. Over the years, he has done some stellar work for farmers but that does not justify his obnoxious behaviour with women.

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