As Third Wave Fear Looms Large, Delhi Govt Color Codes Response for Covid-19 Spikes in Future, Prepares Action Plan

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As fears of a third Covid-19 wave looms large, the Delhi government expert committee is in the final stages of preparing a graded response action plan. The blueprint is likely to guide measures of the shutdown of markets and increase in ICU beds to tackle a possible surge of infections.

The eight-member committee, comprising bureaucrats, doctors, and heads of hospitals, has reached a consensus to make the plan colour-coded for greater resonance among the public, a senior official told The Indian Express. The committee was formed to devise strategies to handle a possible third wave.

The committee has decided four alerts — yellow, amber, orange, and red. With each alert, the government will highlight the severity of the Covid-19 situation and it will come with its own set of mitigatory and preventive measures. These measures would include a graded response action plan in case of tackling air pollution.

An official told IE, that the mandate of the committee was to draw up guidelines on when to announce a lockdown and the degree of strictness that various situations require. "The mandate was very clear. The committee was expected to prepare various action plans based on new cases, active cases, test positivity rate. For example, if the test positivity rate remains above x for y days, an alert will be sounded, and the associated measures will be deemed to be in force," he added.

The alerts will also determine the augmentation of hospital infrastructures such as isolation, oxygen and ICU beds, ventilators as well as medicines and medical oxygen.

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