Think Nokia 3310 is cheap? This one's not!

Sami Khan
Gresso 3310

Nokia elicited nostalgia with the re-launch of its popular brick phone, Nokia 3310, at the MWC 2017 last week. The demo zones for the ultra-cheap feature phone were packed as people were seen checking out the new build, design and, yes, the popular Snake game, too.

One of the main highlights of the phone was its price, which is set at €49 (approx. Rs. 3,500), and it will go on sale across the globe soon. If you wish to have a feature phone, or buy it for old time's sake, the price seems just about right.

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However, there's a particular Nokia 3310 model, which will cost you more than any of the high-end smartphones in the market. In fact, you'll even need to break your savings to grab this one.

Nokia 3310-inspired Gresso 3310 is one of its kind. The model underwent design changes to make it look absolutely elite. If you thought the Nokia 3310 was indestructible, Gresso's 3310 model takes it to the next level. Before we jump right into the specs, let's warn you about its price. Gresso 3310 is priced at $2,990, and no, we did not add that zero by mistake.

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On the specs front, Gresso, which is a luxury brand, crafted the 3310 with grade 5 titanium. This means the phone can withstand a 32 foot landing. Talk about indestructible.

Gresso 3310 comes in two styles, one with the aforementioned titanium body and the black PVD titanium body and titanium keyboard. According to the company, it takes about 18 hours to assemble each of these phones and there are going to be only 3310 pieces on sale.

Gresso 3310

Other specs include an upgraded 3MP rear camera, dual SIM support and a really long lasting battery, which will keep you going for 75 hours on talk time. The handset has 32GB onboard storage capacity and comes with a 1 year warranty.

"The Gresso 3310 also effortlessly protects user's privacy and desire to disconnect from constantly being "plugged in." Make no mistake, your information will not be stolen off of the increasingly vulnerable unencrypted cloud, as it might on a smartphone," the company said.

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