Thief Calls Houseowner 'Kanjoos' in a Note after He Returns Empty-Handed

In a bizarre incident, a thief was left disappointed when he had to leave a house empty handed in Madhya Pradesh.

The thief, who spent the entire night breaking into a government bungalow in Adarsh Nageen Nagar, couldn't find anything worthy to steal back.

Vexed at the failed theft, he left back a note that called out the resident a 'kanjoos' (miser). It further read, "Bahut Kanjoos hai rey tu, khidki todne ki mehnat bhi nahi mili, raat kharab ho gayi (You are a miser, I did not even get a reward for breaking in through the window, my night was spoilt)".

According to reports, the bungalow belongs to Parvesh Soni, a government engineer and the note was found by his servants on December 5.

On receiving the news, police went and found the closest and cupboard were forcefully opened with clothes and other valuables scattered around. The note was written on Soni's diary, which was left opened on the coffee table.

The incident became talk of the moment in Madhya Pradesh and also went viral on social media.