Thermal screening, oximeter, sanitisation: Indore's Khajrana Police Station gears up to combat COVID-19

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], June 21 (ANI): Taking necessary precautions to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, Indore's Khajrana Police Station has made arrangements and installed various equipment including thermal screening at the entrance, oximeter and sanitisation.

Moreover, an ultra violet wave box has also been made for complainants or those bringing any documents, in order to sanitise the papers.

The type of equipment installed in the police station is also exemplary for other departments.

In April, Khajrana police station in-charge Santosh Singh was found positive for coronavirus, he was admitted to the hospital for treatment. Later, he successfully defeated the virus and returned to his duty.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) SKS Tomar told ANI that before entering the police station, a sanitary tray has been placed to sanitize the shoes and slippers, after which the constable wearing PPE kit will sanitise everyone's hand followed by the screening and pulse check.

"A window has been made for the complainants, which is covered with glass. Mic and speakers are placed on both sides to talk and listen to the complainant. A box has also been made to take in which the complaint or documents will be kept and the same document will be sanitized with ultra violet and reach the policeman sitting inside, on other side of the window," said Tomar.

"In the cabin of the station in-charge, mics and speakers have been arranged for CCTV surveillance and instructions. The table of Santosh Singh, the station in-charge who had tested positive, has also been covered with glass," he added.

Khajrana police station is probably the first station in Madhya Pradesh where such equipment and arrangements have been made at a low cost. (ANI)