The world has rarely come together like this ever before

Diksha Dwivedi
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9.50 pm

Mumbai, India

I’ve started to look forward to opening a blank canvas everyday these days? Just opening a blank document to write this journal entry for you to read and react to. It’s a page from my life in the times of corona that I like to share with you everyday.

Earlier, I was thinking of writing my second book during this time but I realised it’s more important today than ever to share my life with people across the world. Otherwise, what’s the point of being a writer who writes for the masses?

I want to be that friend whose personal diary you read and get inspired from, to write one of your own everyday. Trust me, this is a habit worth picking up. What if you wake up one day and feel like writing a book on your life? You’d need these journals then!

Ironically enough, the world has never come together like this before, at least not in my lifetime and God knows our generation has seen some pretty tough times.

Exchanging tips to fight COVID-19, picking ideas from each other to spend time with your neighbours while maintaining social distance, sending each other love, giving each other hope - it’s almost unbelievable that we have any history of a war with any of these countries fighting this battle together.

On the one hand, this virus is killing so many old people in this world because of the ambiguity of its causes, symptoms or cure. On the other hand, it’s spreading peace, empathy and hygiene while cleaning the environment every day just a little more.

Till a month ago, we were still fighting the climate crisis, asking corporates and humans to take a chill pill with the carbon footprints and coronavirus brought the world to a standstill anyway, with zero notice.

I guess that’s how the world works, right? Sometimes we need shocks and surprises to really wake us up when the alarm clock doesn’t work.

My mind is full of thoughts these days, and I’m sure so is yours. How’s Italy doing? Why did their numbers go up suddenly? How did the British Prime Minister and Health Minister test positive for COVID-19? Were they partying while we were locked in our houses? Why has the United Kingdom been so laid back with their lockdown? How does India still have such a small percentage of COVID-19 positive cases? Are we testing enough? Are we not testing enough? Does the coronavirus spread through houseflies? Are we living in a Netflix film? Will we survive? Will the lockdown end in 21 days? And I can go on, so can you.

My answer to all of these questions: don’t believe Whatsapp forwards, pick your favourite credible news sources and read them regularly for updates. And no, houseflies don’t spread the virus.

I know. We don’t have much to look forward to these days and our heads are filled with questions. But the moment you’ll pick yourself up, not think about the virus, focus on the things you’d never get the time to do again after the shutters of our homes open again, breathe, life will feel a lot better.

Just yesterday I was thinking that my company, AkkarBakkar, has always worked as a virtual workspace and many companies around the world shifted to that way of operating through the softwares, apps, et cetera that made it possible for many of us entrepreneurs who believe in lean teams.

Now we’re sitting at a time when companies are being forced to work remotely and make things happen, it’s again a ‘survival of the fittest’ game the startup ecosystems around the world will have to face. Just like the many evolutions where the human race had to prove that it’s the fittest race to keep going amidst all the hardships of the world, nature and everything in between.

Here’s a funny thought I'd like to leave you with tonight: just yesterday, I was having a conversation with a friend and was laughing out loud and that friend asked me, “Why are you laughing?” I said, “Because I have the freedom to laugh today, so I will. Kya pata kal ho naa ho?”

No, it’s not a morbid thought.

Good night and see you tomorrow, with a new journal entry and a new story!

With love, peace, safety and a lot of immunity. Xo

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