The Slave Ship that Ran from Kerala to New Orleans

Padmaparna Ghosh
Grist Media
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    How insane these people are.....
    They should be imprisoned for life for making filthy comments about people who by destiny are born poor but are making a living by hard work ,,,, and not frauds and cheats who make a living by cheating poor people ..which in a way is worse than begging
    , ,, yet without shame they go around making filthy comments.

    They need to be referred to psychiatrist...and caned and given capital punishment.

    These chaps have no right to discriminate other races ... its an inhuman act .... discriminating just because the skin is brown or black...
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    I thought this happens only in India. Where is Mr.Bharara who filed a case against Mrs.Devyani? Are you listening?
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    rob max
    Forget about the firangis, i just don't believe how could Dewan charge six lacs rupees from the labor class people!! In my opinion, Dewan is the biggest culprit here in this whole story.
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    Kieran DSouza
    we should invite Daniel Boyle or Udwin Leslie to make a film on this
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    See the difference between them and us. If something like this had happened in India (it is happening all the time, only we don't know about it) most probably all the people involved, the police, the prosecuting attorney and maybe even the judges would have taken money and dismissed the case.
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    US must do something heroic like they did in devayani kobragade's case.
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    Our Govt should invest time on how to improve our economy than some cheap political/religious/food ban matters so that our people don't need to go to abroad like this way.
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    I do not know why people are surprised at the treatment, when you are leaving for any country paying unauthorised payments, you are putting yourself in some one's mercy. Not knowing wNat is being done is illegal is no excuse. Forget about this case, where some justice can be expected, but what about women from Kerala and other states getting married to men in Punjab and Haryana. What about workers from North east working in bad conditions in T.Nadu and Kerala. What about Kerala and T.N. women working in factories involved in packing of fish in Gujarat. Will they ever get justice. Will those working in Mid east in much poorer conditions get justice?
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    See If you are leaving your mother country to other countries then you need to adjust it somewhere unlike your own country
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    This should be made into a movie