The chic Sikh chick

A new breed of celebrities has cropped up over the recent years – viral stars. With the help of online platforms such as Blogging portals, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages these stars showcase their craft and attract a fan following. Canada based Lilly Singh, is one such performing artist who found her calling and audience via YouTube.

Singh, aka Superwoman in the web space, is of Indian origin, 23, and an entertainer to the core. Her claim to fame are her unique and entertaining video blogs which she posts regularly on her YouTube channel.  She’s bold about her opinions and her videos are usually comic takes on everyday things. From shopping at the mall to superstitions to being single, she talks, enacts, dances, expresses and entertains.
Influenced by a song of the same name, Singh came up with the concept of Superwoman when she was about 11 years old. “Superwoman is an entertainer.  She believes in sending her message through comedy, with a hint of a bold attitude that most audiences would not expect from a female South Asian,” she says.

Singh always wanted to be an entertainer while growing up whether through acting, comedy or music, but hadn’t quite stumbled upon the medium. “The dream is always there, how to make it happen is the fun part,” she says.

“Video blogs are the most accessible platform for people like me who want to reach out to a global audience. Also, being able to not only record but also edit my own work is an enjoyable challenge,” she adds.             

It is the reception and feedback of fans all over the world which encourages artists like Singh to showcase their talent. What starts out as a form of self-expression reaches innumerable viewers the world over. “Until this day I will maintain that the response I get from my supporters is overwhelmingly positive. The most enjoyable thing about being a YouTuber is the fact that your message reaches so far.”

“When supporters from across the world speak of your work it’s an unreal feeling. I had a young girl come up to me in London, England and say my videos have changed her life. That is magic.”

Fans apart, her friends and family have supported her choice of career immensely. “It means the world to me that my friends and family accept me for that. My parents are surprisingly supportive even though I confessed that I want to do this full-time.”

Even though she has lived in Canada all her life, Singh feels a strong bond with her Indian, Punjabi heritage. She loves visiting the country and says it feels like home to her, “In some ways I wish Canada were more like India. You can’t get the same fresh jalebis and kulfi here.”

Her work is influenced by the Indian culture and being Indian inspires her in a very unique way she feels. “I make it my goal to take Indian culture and stretch it. I want to show people I am Indian but that doesn’t mean I have to be any different of a person. I’m outspoken, bold and driven. How’s that for an Indian woman?.”

Singh is a Madhuri Dixit fan and one can even see the influence of Bollywood in some of her work. Her favourite movies include Mohabbatein, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, 3 Idiots. “As a dancer myself, I love the dance, music and overall culture showcased in Bollywood movies,” she says.
A true creative soul, she loves to dance, rap, bake, model, write poetry, design, etc she reveals. “For the most part I spend my time working at my dream and thinking of ways to improve what I do. I’m also a frequent public speaker as I love motivational speaking and visit a lot of schools.”

As far as brand Superwoman goes, Singh is grateful for the opportunities she’s got and to her fans for the love and encouragement. She plans to continue being an entertainer and spread Superwoman’s message of “Peace and strength. Without fear. Without hate. One love.”