The Big Question: Who is to blame for India's poor education system?

Lest we forget, India is not all about the IITs and IIMs. Here’s a truth that is going to be hard to swallow: Indian students have come second to last among 73 countries, in a performance assessment of their academic credentials conducted by International Student Assessment (PISA). To rub salt in its wounds, its neighbor China, with whom India competes on many fronts came up tops.

PISA is a annual program conducted to evaluate education systems worldwide by the  OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Secretariat. To arrive at the results half a million students are put through a two-hour test that includes reading, mathematics and science. India coming 72nd out of the 73 participating countries is scary stuff, especially considering that educational indicators are a barometer of future economic growth. India’s much bandied youth power will come to naught if they are not properly educated and lack the required skills for entering the marketplace. The warning bells are being sounded desperately, answers are being sought.

Who is to blame for India’s pathetic performance and how can this be rectified?
Share your opinion in the comments section below, and we will pick and feature the best of them.

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