Tharoor justifies farm laws discussion in UK Parliament, says ‘Elected representatives free to share views’

New Delhi, Mar 11 (ANI): While speaking to ANI in the national capital on March 10, Lok Sabha Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor spoke on the discussion that took place in UK Parliament on farm laws. Tharoor said, “Just as we, in India, can discuss say Palestine issue as we have done or can discuss if we so choose any other domestic issue of a foreign country, the British Parliament has the same right.” “I don’t blame the Government of India for doing its job, for speaking up for its point of view. But we must recognise there is another point of view and that people in democracies, elected representatives are free to air their point of view on this,” Shashi added. “I don't think there is something so surprising. We should just take it as a normal give and take that happens between democracies,” he further stated.