#ThanksForTyping: How Women Just ‘Typed’ Their Way Through History

Authors, academicians, poets and even scientists like Einstein had their wives type out manuscripts.  

Behind every successful man, there’s a woman! And now a novelist has dug out enough proof for us. Bruce Holsinger, a novelist and an English professor at University of Virginia, has come up with a hashtag ‘#ThanksForTyping.’

A simple discussion Holsinger had with his friends got him thinking of how a lot of journals, fiction, and non-fiction books were actually typed out by the wives of the authors.

Bruce Holsinger then went through a simple search on Google Books and found numerous such examples where authors have thanked their wives for typing out their work for them.

With numerous acknowledgements, numerous stories also came to light. It shows how women, handled household chores, babies, the burden of war in the 19th century, and still gave their full attention to typing out massive manuscripts.

Nancy – who willingly agreed to type out the manuscript.

And, my wife, who typed the manuscript.

Then there is Cynthia – who not only edited the manuscript but also refined it to a great extent.

It’s just typing a quarter of a million words.

But Holsinger was not the only one sharing excerpts. Many people on Twitter also came out with their opinion and excerpts they had seen. Some even took an opposite stand on the hashtag.

It’s sad these wives come towards the end in the list of thank you.

And even Einstein!