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I have just lost my dear wife of 54 years to the cruel disease that is Alzheimer’s. Both I and my five adult children are deep in grief. I must thank the Guardian today (13 May), and specifically Marina Hyde for her wonderful wry sense of humour that kept me laughing throughout, George Monbiot for some actual positive suggestions going forward at this very difficult time, and those who wrote and chose the selection of letters. You have all cheered me up, thank you.
Brian Stephens

• As a former English teacher I always enjoy the direct style of EE Cummings’ poetry. But as a former politician I had always thought his two-line poem – “a politician is an arse upon / which everyone has sat except a man” unfair to politicians. And then along came Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.
David Lepper
MP for Brighton Pavilion, 1997-2010

• Your article (Sign your own balls: tennis and golf take first tentative steps out of lockdown, 12 May) quotes Charles Morris of Telford Park Lawn Tennis Club as saying: “I think it’s a pretty good sport for social distancing as long as you don’t touch your opponent’s balls.” I am surprised it took a global pandemic to establish appropriate courtly behaviour.
David Clarke
Bedford, Texas, USA

• I have found that a pair of my old (clean) tights is useful for straining the redcurrants when making jelly (Letters, 13 May).
Nancy Hussey
Naphill, Buckinghamshire

• How many pairs of tights can you fit in a 35mm film canister, and can you strain marmalade through them?
Jonathan Gregory
Stockholm, Sweden

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