Thanks to these Manipal students, you can soon get panipuris at the push of a button!

Anu James
Pani puri dispenser, Pani puri machine, MIT students

Do you get pissed off at people who go on and on about the unhygienic panipuris sold on streets, and yet eat them when the cravings become hard to resist? Then, it's time to thank this young group of engineering students for developing a prototype that makes panipuris!

Four students of team Electrofoodies — Sahas Gembali, Neha Srivastava, Sunanda Somu and Karishma Agrawal — of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) have automated panipuri making. The only manpower required is for filling the raw materials and the vending machine serves you yummy panipuri in minutes.

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The final year engineering students won the first prize at the national finale of Ink Makers held at T-Hub in Hyderabad.

The origin

The idea of making this unique panipuri dispenser dawned after they saw the shortage of manpower at a local chaat shop near their college.

"We had ordered our dishes, but he was busy serving everyone waiting in the line for panipuri. We realised that serving panipuri is a very repetitive and mundane task and this is something that needs to be automated and, in the process, we can tackle issues such as hygiene and sell panipuri anytime and anywhere," Sahas Gembali told Bangalore Mirror.

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After spending almost six months on the project, the team came up with a prototype that issues puris, makes holes on them and fills the stuffing and pani at the push of a button.

However, right now, using this machine, only a single flavour of pani can be served and the team is in the process of coming up with more customisation options. Once Electrofoodies develops a fully automatic customised panipuri dispenser, the team might release the product in the market.

Till then, consume it from the best golgappa waala in your locality! 

Pani puri dispenser, Pani puri machine, MIT students

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