Game of Thrones Season 7 Date Announced – Thank Old Gods & New

Say goodbye to all productivity. 

HBO has finally released the date for the new season of Game of Thrones. Yes, you read that right! Say goodbye to all productivity from 16 July.

With stunning sound and visuals, as usual, the video is a conglomeration of the choicest of dialogues from all 6 seasons. Looks like ‘The Great War’ is here and winter has finally come.

The creators of the show had earlier said that season 7 and season 8 are all that’s left of the Game of Thrones series and that these seasons would be shorter than the others.

The official page of GoT on Facebook did not give away the date so easily. Late night on Thursday, they held a Facebook live. The live was 20 minutes long, where they asked fans to comment “FIRE or DRACARYS” to find out the date.

In the live, a brick of ice, shaped like The Wall, is perilously close to fire. Then comes Jamie Lannister to tell us all to wait and that we’d “want to know what’s in the ice when it melts.’’ And in the end, the ice melts to give away the date.

The people watching the live were going crazy with the wait. Have a look:

You can watch the live here: