Thane: Pup Run Over By An Unrepentant Resident, Act Caught On CCTV

A heart-wrenching CCTV footage of a housing complex in Thane (near Mumbai) has emerged, which shows a little puppy being crushed under a car’s wheels and left to die as the person in driver’s seat fails to stop and attend to the injured animal.

The unfortunate incident took place on Thursday morning at around 7:30 am. No one noticed a certain resident run over the little pup who was sitting with its mother in the parking lot of the Unnati Gardens Housing Complex in thane. The dog was missing for the entire day and its carer Praveen could locate it only in the evening. Sadly it was dead and the residents thought it had died of poisoning. But when they checked the CCTV footage of the complex’s parking area (where the pups played about routinely), they were in for a shock.

A certain resident had accidentally run over the dog. What shocked the residents was the fact that he did not stop to check on the pup’s well-being and left it there to die.

(Photo Courtesy: Praveen, the carer for strays in Unnati Gardens, Thane)

Some residents wrote angry posts on social media networks, An FIR was lodged by the residents on the same evening that they discovered the dead pup. The burial of the pup was carried out by the residents.

Video Editor: Mohd Ibrahim