Thakur accuses Punjab, Rajasthan govts of wasting vaccines

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New Delhi, Jun 3 (PTI) Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur on Thursday accused the Congress-ruled states of Punjab and Rajasthan of lack of transparency in COVID-19 vaccination and even wastage of jabs.

However, Rajasthan Health Minister Raghu Sharma had on Tuesday said the wastage in the state is less than 2 per cent, well below the 'national average of 6 per cent'.

Thakur alleged that there was lack of transparency and accountability as far as vaccination was concerned in the two states.

Comments from these states could not be obtained immediately.

Thakur further said thousands of vials of vaccines were wasted in over 35 vaccination centres in Rajasthan.

'Is the Rajasthan Chief Minister really serious about saving lives? Over 11.50 lakh doses were wasted by the state; Rajasthan government has blood on its hands,' Thakur said in a statement.

Talking about Punjab, the minister said there were many instances of overcharging by private hospitals.

He also alleged that the Punjab government is creating a false narrative about vaccine scarcity.

'Rahul Gandhi tweets about vaccine shortage, has he ensured Congress ruled states prevent wastage? Will Rahul Gandhi investigate why vaccines have been supplied to Congress Cronies who are charging a 'pandemic premium' and indulging in black marketing, instead of saving lives of the poor?,' Thakur asked. PTI DP CS ANZ ABM ABM

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