Texas Woman Who Took Private Jet to Capitol Hill Riots Seeks Donations to Cover Her Legal Fees

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The woman from Texas who had flown to Capitol Hill riots on a private jet is asking for donations online to cover her legal fees. She had bragged online about flying to Washington via private jet and storming the Capitol with other supporters of the US President Donald Trump.

50-year-old Jennifer ‘Jenna’ Ryan, from Frisco, Texas, took to Twitter “to accept donations to pay legal fees and losses” due to her arrest. She had asked Trump for a presidential pardon before he left the office but upon not receiving so, she turned to fellow Make America Great Again (MAGA) fans for help.

A real estate agent, Jennifer was charged on January 15 with disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and remaining and entering a restricted building or grounds without lawful entry. Daily Mail states that Jennifer had turned herself to authorities after she was identified by FBI from her now-deleted videos on her Facebook profile showing her storming the Capitol. Jennifer was released from the custody hours later and then requested Trump to grant her a pardon.

She tweeted on January 21 saying that she was accepting donations to pay legal fees and losses due to her arrest for protesting at the US Capitol. Putting up a link to her PayPal account, she thanked her followers for their support and wrote that any amount helped.

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In a series of tweets, she shared that she has to go to trial in Washington DC for this misdemeanour. She claimed that she was wrongfully arrested and charged and that ‘we have to fight for my freedom and (clear) my name.’

Jennifer shared that she is ‘being surrounded by hateful people’ who are calling her a racist and asking her to go to prison for 10 to 20 years. Asking ‘patriots’ for help, she said that all these people who are ‘saying all sorts of horrible things about her, don’t know her’ and their intentions are to destroy her business.

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In other tweets, Jennifer shared that her phone, computers and MAGA hat has been confiscated. Her requests have received a lot of attention, while many donated some amount most were baffled at the irony of her asking for funds for legal fees.

Jennifer, who is a life coach and author, also shared that her publisher cancelled her upcoming self-help book deal. She claimed that she was able to raise $1000 through PayPal account; however, her account was closed by the company on grounds of solicitation funds for purposes other than legal defence. Some netizens left negative reviews on her business page and asked Texas’s real estate licensing agency to revoke her license.