Texas students were forced to do 'bear crawls' at school, and the internet has a lot of feelings

Texas students were forced to do “bear crawls,” and the internet has a lot of thoughts about it. (Photo: Getty Images)

Middle schoolers in Texas are raising an outcry after an especially tough gym class left them with blisters and bruises.

As CBS reports, substitute PE teachers at Florence Middle School asked their sixth graders to do “bear crawls” on all fours on an asphalt track for 100 yards. “I started to feel that things were stabbing into [my hands],” said one student. “I stopped and checked them and they were filled with bruises and they were bleeding.” The especially intense workout was reportedly punishment for a student who had “acted up” in class the day before.

While parents are alarmed, the story has generated some buzz on social media, where users are much less sympathetic. “I’ve about had it with these soft ass kids,” someone wrote on Instagram. Twitter isn’t cutting the kids any slack either: “Boo hoo! I do them all the time at work out, in a parking lot without gloves. I’m 52!” wrote in one responder. “Life ain’t fair,” added another.

We’ll leave it to Florence Middle School to figure out whether these 11-year-olds are “soft” or have a legitimate case against their PE teachers. In the meantime, we hope none of them are on Twitter.

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