Texas Man Hailed as 'Hero' for Saving Dog Whose Leash Got stuck in Moving Lift

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A man in Texas recently saved a dog’s life after the latter's leash got stuck between the doors of an elevator.

The man, who identifies himself as Johnny Mathis, in the video can be seen unhooking the puppy’s leash after the doors of the lift closed. In the video, which CNN obtained from Houston Apartment Building’s security footage, the man initially struggles to unhook the leash that started to choke the little dog’s neck once the elevator started moving. However, towards the end of the video, Mathis managed to unhook the leash and can be seen comforting the dog.

The dog belonged to Mathis’ neighbour and he acted swiftly after he heard the Pomeranian’s owner screaming from inside the elevator. CNN has reported that the pet owner was scared that her dog was not able to make it and hence started screaming as she had thought that the said incident had become fatal. But after she came to know her pet had been rescued by Mathis she was extremely thankful and emotional at the same time.

Johnny told CNN, “I think she just said ‘thank you’ and we hugged but she was just so overcome with emotion.”

It is no surprise that the heroic incident became viral on social media with netizens calling Johnny’s act as a heroic one.

While Johnny was lauded for his action, netizens also pointed out that the dog’s owner was at fault