Texas Couple Criticised For Hurling Watermelon Into Hippo's Mouth For Gender Reveal Party; Says The Animal Was Not Harmed (Watch Video)

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A couple from Texas came under the fire for involving a hippopotamus in their gender reveal ceremony. Expecting parents, Jonathan and Bridgette Joseph garnered the wrath of social media users after a video of their gender reveal ceremony went viral. Trying to throw the most unique gender reveal party, the expecting couple threw a watermelon into the mouth of a hippo in Texas zoo. However, it did not go well with Twitterati who accused the couple of putting the hippo in danger by feeding it "chemical". Twitter user Ana Bretón shared the footage with the caption, "I did it. I found the worst gender reveal." As the incident put the couple under the scanner, the duo clarified that the hippo was not harmed during the process and in fact enjoyed the treat.

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Video of their gender- reveal party which has gone viral on social media shows Jonathan throwing a watermelon into the mouth of five-year-old hippo Nile hippo named Tank. The fruit bursts open in the mouth of the giant animal with a blue liquid oozing out of it, indicating that they were going to have a baby boy. Baby Gender Reveal Party Caused Arizona Wildfire That Required 800 Firefighters to Douse (Watch Video)

Watermelon Hurled Into the Mouth of Hippo During Gender Reveal Party:

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Following the incident, the couple issued a clarification that the blue jell was an edible treat and they did not endanger the life of the hippo by feeding it with the liquid. Ana Bretón tweeted the statement with the caption, "I’ve been in touch with the family in the video. While I’m not a fan of gender reveals, it was not my intention to bring darkness to their special day."

The couple in the statement said that they have been trying for a baby boy for a long time and had invested in fertility treatment too. They said that they were quite excited to learn that they were finally having a boy.

Statement By The Couple On The Gender Reveal Party Involving The Hippo:

The Capital of Texas Zoo also took their Facebook page confirming that the blue colour was Jell-O and that "no hippos were harmed in the making of this video."

Here Is The Facebook Post:

The incident happened at their gender reveal party at the Capital of Texas Zoo in Cedar Creek on Saturday. The video was initially shared on video-sharing app TikTok, from where it went viral. In the clip, Jonathan can be heard saying "Yes! Yes! Thank God" as the blue jell like liquid bursts out of the watermelon. Others present at the party can be heard cheering.